General Boarding Conditions



… for boarding animals at the Pet Boarding “Rainbow-Farm”, located in Landstuhl.

The Pet Boarding (kennel) will take on the custody of the animals within it’s  best knowledge.

The animals will be boarded and cared for appropriately.


With delivery of the animal, the customer accepts following regulations:


  1. The customer declares, that the boarded animal is his property, resp. that he is acting in the behalf of the owner. A valid ID can be asked for.
  2. The customer declares, to best knowledge, that the boarded animal is free of any diseases. The required immunisations have to be confirmed through valid records.
  3. The customer is required to inform the kennel about any sicknesses, bad habits and special characteristics of the animal (biting, fighting, escaping, etc.)
  4. While the animal is in the kennel, the customer is liable for any personal injuries and damage to properties caused by the animal.
  5. In case of illness of the animal during the time of boarding, the kennel is not liable. There is no liability of damage on the animal, as far as it is not caused intentional or negligent by the owner of the kennel or the staff.
  6. The owner of the animal bears any costs for medications, medical and veterinary treatment of an animal which has gotten sick while in boarding. The kennel is authorized to take necessary steps.
  7. For damage or loss of brought items (e.g.: toys, blankets, baskets, scratching poles), as well as for brought food or medication, the kennel is not liable.
  8. If an animal is not picked up on agreed date, the kennel is authorized, after reminding the owner/customer two (2) times in periods of one (1) week, to dispose the animal in its name.
  9. Special agreements need to be in writing.
  10. If one of these clauses should be invalid due to law offences, the remaining clauses will still be in force. In that case, the parties commit themselves to make up a new regulation which comes close to the desired purpose of the invalid one.