Pet Boarding

We run a family business and of course are personally

taking care of our guests at Rainbow-Farm.

We promise to do our best and give your “babies” lots of love and attention.

We are Peter and Christiane Nußhag and our daughter Katharina,
who is a certified animal keeper.

We are boarding dogs and cats from 6 months and older.

Our “guests” are fed with premium dry-food from “bosch – Tiernahrung”, or you can bring any other wanted or needed food.
Extras, like a grain-free or raw-food diet, are also available.

Pets who require medication are welcome as well.

Please note that we are handling live animals.
Even with the best care and perfect vaccinations, illnesses or problems can’t be avoided completely.

For emergencies we can contact our vet or a clinic, at any time.

Dog Boarding

Preferably we accommodate dogs in pairs. We are trying to find a good kennelmate for each dog. This way also single dogs are experiencing the very important socialisation.

If a dog requires to be kept separate from others (medical reasons / aggressiveness), we of course offer single accommodation too.

We provide bedding and toys to all the boarded dogs, but some homey things are always nice for them to have and of course we accept almost everything you bring.

The small to medium size dogs are boarded in inside-outside kennels, 6×18 ft.
The inside parts of the kennels are heated.

For daily exercise we let the dogs take turns in a 900 square feet free-run area.

For big dogs we offer inside-outside kennels 6×30 ft. with heated inside rooms and permanently attached free-runs, of approx. 450 to 700 square feet.

Dog Day Care

Does your job require long workdays or extended shift- and weekend-hours?

Or do you simply want to provide sufficient exercise and good socialization to your dog? Our day care offer can help.

Dogs which are brought for day care, can play and chase around in a huge running area with alike ones, several times a day.
Of course we group them up size- or character-wise, to assure a safe and the best possible playtime for each one. Back in their individual kennels, they have the chance to calm down again and find the also needed rest.
This all will help to reach a well-balanced, even-tempered dog.

You can either drop off and pick up your dog(s) during our opening hours, or we prepare kennels, that you would have access to by lock and key, at any time.

This option is offered, if you book day care on a regular base, at least twice a week.

Cat Boarding

Since cats mostly don’t get along very well with other cats, we have decided to offer single accommodation for them.
Pairs or several cats owned by the same family can share a kennel.

We offer floor-heated inside kennels 6×6 and 9×6 ft.,
in which we provide litter boxes, scratching- and climbing-stands, bedding and toys.
Some homey things are always nice for them to have and of course we accept almost everything you want to bring.

Please note:

Male cats must be neutered!



All vaccinations must be older than 1 week at the start of the boarding time and have to be still valid when you pick up your pets!

Please bring the shot records for proof of vaccinations!



  • Rabies
  • Distemper-Combination (e.g. SHPPi / DHPPi / DA2P)
  • Bordetella, nasal spray (e.g. IntraTrac / BbPi)




  • Rabies
  • Feline Distemper-Combination (e.g. RCP / FVRCP / 3HCP / Pentofel ….)



new prices starting September 2022

All prices are including 19% VAT – we do accept VAT-forms

cancellation policy:

  • for shortening or cancelling 14 days or less prior to the start of a reservation,
    we will charge 30% of the cancelled period (max. 14 days).
  • cancellations on the day of the reservation, or no shows,
    will be charged with 50% (max. 14 days).Early pickups will be handled the same way.

heating surcharge:

  • during cold times we are asking an additional 2,–€ per pet and night/day



Reservation Request

Dear Customer,

We will schedule your reservations to offer the best availability for you and reaching a good efficiency for us.

To be able to do so, we need your help:
Please request the boarding times as accurate as possible, to avoid unnecessary changes. Unfortunately we often have last minute shortened or cancelled reservations and even no shows. This leads to not used open spots even during most wanted times. This is not only a financial loss for us, but very sad for customers on our waiting lists, because it’s often to late for their booking.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to change or cancel a reservation.

For shortening or cancelling 14 days or less prior to the start of a reservation, we will charge 30% of the cancelled period (max. 14 days).

Cancellations on the day of the reservation, or noshows, will be charged with 50% (max. 14 days).
Early pickups will be handled the same way.

For a request, please fill out the form below:

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