Wellness for your pet

AkuPuncture Massage

Our pets are family members, if they are sick we suffer as well. Illnesses can be traced back to disruptions in the body’s energy circulatory system. In animals these disruptions manifest in abnormal behaviour or noticeable change in physical appearance. AcuPuncture Massage can reharmonize your pet’s energy circulation to bring back and support your pets health.


Energy regulation is health for your pet.

Many functional disorders and organ irritations can be positively influenzed by APM. It can be used as a separate therapy, but can also assist a vet’s treatment plan.

The treatment is carried out with a finger or a massage stick, which is stroked along precisely predetermined energy raceways, called meridians, by applying gentle pressure to stimulate the energy flow.

Needles will not be used at all. Also the energetic-physiological treatment of spine and joints and the scar-treatment are parts of the therapy.


Spoil your pet with a wellness treatment.


If I have piqued your interest, please contact me to talk about the details and arrange for an appointment.


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